10 Signs Your Wife/Husband Is Cheating On You And The Reason Why They Do So ?

The Signs If Your Wife Is Cheating On You Or Not


Cheating is the world biggest heart hurting problem for 60% people, but why it happens and what are the reasons that cause cheating between two loyal persons like wife and husband. I will write here all the reasons why your wife will be cheating on you and what will be the signs for them if she does so.


Warning Signs That a Spouse May Be Cheating on You:


  • The most first sign she will be feeling bored with you, with your kids, hobbies and kids and family
  • She will be looking for more danger in her life
  • She will give low importance to your relation
  • Sex between both of will be less than before
  • She will ask for more methods or new things during sex
  • She will not get jealous about your acts or about your interest
  • She will be more negative to you
  • She will be fighting with you, family, kids, relative for small things
  • She will not tolerate anything from you or from your family side
  • She will not call you as much as she used to do before
10 sign your wife is cheating on you, The reasons why she is cheating on you

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  • She will stay in office more than before she used to stay
  • She will dress more gorgeous rather than before
  • She will buy men gifts for no reason “for her new lover”
  • She will be lying to 90%
  • She will say i love you after long time just for showing that she does love you
  • She will be feeling tired when she comes to bed with you
  • She will be refusing to you whenever you ask for sex
  • She will be feeling tired when she says  “i love you” to you
Trust is hard to get and easy to lose it/trust someone who deserve it

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  • She will be more sensitive about useless things in your life
  • She will be stubborn to you for waste-less things in home
  • She will not ask you why you comes late from your office
  • Her Ass will be red when she gets back to home from out side
  • Her lips will be looking kissed when she gets back to home

This article is just for education purpose and i am pretty sure 90% real women will never cheat in our world. only some and they would have reason for doing so. We just need to improve our societies to avoid such things in our societies. Please comment your suggestion about this article and we will try to reply for improvement  of our societies.

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