How To Viral A Pictures On Facebook

How to make your Picture viral on Facebook

How To Viral A Pictures On Facebook


There are many platforms of social media like Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc. But mostly people are use Facebook throughout the world. And that is why Facebook is called King of Social Media. Because according to the statistic report of the social media, Facebook have about 1.32 billion daily active users and 2.01 billion monthly users. About 80% of American using Facebook. About 400 user are regularly sign up every minute. And we can estimate from the activities of people on Facebook, these estimate are that about 35 millions people daily update their Facebook statuses and Facebook user access to Facebook about eight time per day. So from these all details it is clear that Facebook is the unbelievable King of Social Media.

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Although Facebook have large network of members but still making anything viral is an art. And most of time we don’t know which one of our post is going to be viral on Facebook. Some time people used that strategy which already used by those people who have made their post viral on Facebook platform.


Now you want to make your picture/post viral on Facebook? As every Facebook user have large numbers of  friends and also joined much more Facebook group. Facebook work on some rules regulation even about on post. Let suppose you have joined a group which have 3 lac members, if you post there whatever you post, it will show only upto 100 members of that group. But as 10 or 20 people will comments on that post, Facebook system will allow to show that post upto 1000 members. On this way your post will be go viral.


You should find some friends from you Facebook friends and talk with them that you will Like, comment and share his post and also they will do so for you. So in this your every post will be go viral. And even you can earn from this method if are doing affiliate marketing.

Also if you have own page that is the great way. 




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