How to Keep Active My Facebook Page

How to make active my Facebook page

How to Keep Active My Facebook Page



In this modern world People use social media. About 90% of population of the world use social media. And mostly use Facebook. On Facebook platform people have made group and Pages. They have created these group and pages for different purposes. Now it’s a big challenge for every admin to keep their page or group active.

If you want to keep your page active then follow the following explained tips which we have wrote on the basis of own experience because we have already apply these techniques on our pages and we have succeeded in our aim.





  • Keep posting content at regular interval but unique post.


  • Share something funny. Which are interest able for your audience.


  • Ask question from your fans whether they like tea or coffee?


  • Post those Images which are originally created by you. Not to copy from other pages.


  • Invite your friends to like your page as well as ask you friends to invite their friends as well.


  • Post such a image or video to inspire your audience.


  • Share some historical stories about that country from where you have more audience.


  • When you post a video then also share that into different relative groups. For example if  you have share an inspirational video then you should share it in motivational group. In this way you will gain more like and also active audience.


  • You should put Send message button. Because in this way your page response will come to better.


  • Always try to focus on Recent News and updates because post containing recent updates keeps your followers engaged.


  • Be engaging with the user by replying to their comments.


  • Post the content at the right time before anyone do so that you can build trust.



I hope my Dear friends this article How to Keep Active My Facebook Page will be helpful for you. if you guys have any question or if you could not understand the process or facing any other problem kindly comment or message us.

Thank you for reading.

Good Luck.


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