Rare Pictures: Deep meaning pictures without Text that will make you cry….

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp

Some Pictures Will Not Speak, But Their Value Will Be More Than Anything……

Deep Meaning picture without any text
Knowledge is putting in their mind before they get their graduation degree…

Knowledge And Students

Your knowledge is the only key which can make you high profile person in world and it can make you the worse person in world. But you do not have to be creative always sometimes you need to learn something being a human to show that you have some respect as well get some respect from others.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp
This picture is about those who always hanging with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp. Sick for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp…“Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp Sickness

This picture is for those who are sick for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp while their family wait for them and they do not give them time. respect is when your friends, family, Mother, Father or brothers ask you something and you leave these apps. They are important, But not more than Family, Friends, Relative etc.


Our society justice and equality for poor public
This picture shows millions of equality and justice for poor people in our world.

Equality & Justice In Our Country

This picture shows us a lot if we are smart enough we would get the meaning easily but unfortunate we would not even after seeing and knowing the reality still we would not understand it because we do not want to understand or get the meaning of this image.


Education need money
Education runs by money, If you have money your kids would study well otherwise your kids will be the same as you are.

Dollars & Education

Our society education is running through money, We are shame for show this picture to you but we have no other way to improve our society. Poor will be poor and rich will be rich in Pakistan.


Environmental issues and their solution
Environment is dying and we are enjoying. The reasons are our own lives facilities in our lives.

Environment & Issues

This picture shows the reality of our environmental officers and their management. If we do not care no one would care for our environmental issues. it is our world and we should care for it otherwise we would lose alot as last time the warming arise problem happened. It was world killing threat for us but still we are unawares for that.

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Quotes for wise and stupid people in our world
Donkey will be always donkey whether they read or not. Stupid people Quotes

Donkey & Knowledge

How much a stupid read or study but if you do not use your mind you will be always the same as you was. Better option to use your mind and learn from society. School is a place where you would learn only few books. Not the respect or words or sentences use.


army pictures, Officers pictures, Army war pictures, american army, Pak army, Pakistan army, indian army pictures and videos
Danger officer pictures in war and their officers pictures

Army Pictures & Their Officers Star

Who fights and who gets stars. It is unique reality and imagination for us, But we can not understand it because our minds are blocked and if we try to understand it. It will cause us a lot problem in our country.


Justice and equality, Poor picture, rich people of world, Bill gate, Facebook, instagram, Twitter, yahoo
We need justice through rules not through dollars. rich get justice because they have dollars,

Dollar Break Rules And Poor Die For It

Why dollars are so powerful even rules get down when there are dollars. Our justice are nothing to dollars because our minds, our loyalty is poor and we can not understand our mind our justice through our words. But dollars are everything for us.


Mother kills kid, Mother smoke, Mother die, kid die because of smoking, kid smoke,kids are killing
Mother should not smoke in their pregnancy neither when they are feeding their kids

Mother And Her Kids Death

Mothers should never smoke while they are pregnant or feeding their kids with their milk. The worst foods for a kid is this when their mother smoke or addicted to smoking and they are getting feed with their milk. It is like they are dying……



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