Site Aim

Aman Articles is the world fast growing informative site on internet world. The information you guys are getting and using they all are original and first experienced by our team, after all they wrote articles and narrate their experience here with you. Our every article is legit and tested article. fake articles we do not allow on our site.

Aman Articles is a free information providing site in whole world for anyone in any country. Aman Articles is currently covering only four niches which are the following.


  • General Entertainment

General entertainment is covering general breaking news like different kind news about politics, latest trending news, viral news, viral videos. But our articles will be always real story. Anything fake you find out kindly inform us to take action against reporters.


  • Sport  

Aman Articles sport niche is currently covering cricket sport and in future we are planning to start many more sports in sport niche, our current sport niche is only currently indian cricket team news and article writing ability.


  • Smart Phones & Laptop 

Smart Phones & Laptop niche is covering all problems related smart phones and laptop which belongs software or social problem, we are solving here and writing about them with best solution. almost for every problem you will find solution here in


  • Social Media 

Social Media niche is covering facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube,  google, google plus, kik, hangout, whatsapp, tango, IMO problems and their solutions. Social Media niche cover their all problems. our site is solution 99% problem of social media. like we will take facebook problem. facebook instant articles, ads break, account related problems, pages, groups, likes, members, posts, article, blue verification problems solutions are available here.


Currently we are just covering some niches but in future we will be starting more niche to provide more information. kindly if you have any inquiry message us or leave a comment. Above contact us. you can contact us there and we will reply as soon as possible.


Guest Posts 

Guest posting is acceptable here but we have some conditions for guest posting over here. kindly read them before you email us for guest posting


  1. Only Urdu & English language articles are acceptable
  2. your article should be 500 to 1200 words
  3. your  article should be legit
  4. your article should been posted anywhere before
  5. your article related picture should be legit and your original ones
  6. your article should be grammatical well strong
  7. zero spell mistake
  8. zero grammatical mistake
  9. only one external link is allowed here per article
  10. No out source link in article


if your article is according the above requirement then kindly send us your article for guest posting purpose. Hope the above information would help to highlight our site aim and guest posting procedure.