Unseen Pictures: The pictures that you have not seen before but will make you cry if you do now…….

Quotes for wise and stupid people in our world

The Thousand Words Pictures Without Text And They Show The Reality Of Our World.

Past, Future and success people
This picture show the past of a person who tried and got ride from her past and now she is the world highest ranking google searching girl and she is Emmy Watson Singer

Past And Future

Your past is your future but sometimes your past is worse so it does not mean you have to build your future by your past, Your dreams are your future and you have to fight for your future whether your past was failed or worse. If you check out Bill gate, Zuckerberg Mark, Shahid Khan, Ambani lives stories you will be surprised from them and their stories will motivate you for your future. They started from ZERO and made the Zero billions.


Husband pictures, wife pictures, wedding of husband and wife, wedding pictures, wife and husband
If you are going to select your husband it mean you are going to select your future half part……

Wife and Husband

If you are going to select any guy as your husband, Think thousand times before you select him or fall in love with him, Otherwise you are going to regret it the rest of your life.


Poor people picture, rich people picture, Rich people, rich picture
Picture is clear about poor and rich. Rich should see his face in poor’s face.

Rich Face In Poor Face

You should never be proud of our richness, Poor are the people who are the most important ones in our world. We should treat them we do ourselves. They have kids, Wife, Family as well their dreams more important. We should help them as we do our friends.


intelligent mind, strong mind, strong man, smart boy, smart girl, smart student, smart picture,
our societies do not follow the minds. Who see the reality and easiest ways of lives but we do not follow them……

Strong Mind and Do Not Believe

Sometimes people do not believe the person who knows the easiest way of success, because we think we are smart and he knows nothing. We should try the success maybe there will be something and example is the new Prime Minster Of Pak. Mr. Imran Khan


Success pictures, success boys, success girls, success people, success stories, success women, success men, success people stories, success story
Success can be done by one but there will be millions of people behind her/his success

One Person’s Success and Millions People Behind

This picture show the reality of a person’s success. One person get success after their struggle but we forget the millions people struggle behind Her/His success like parents, brothers/sisters, teachers, coaching trainer etc.


Dollar picture, new picture of dollar, dollar rate, american dollars, dollar value
This picture shows dollar and people value.

Dollar and People

This picture show us how dollars are important more than humans. But it is our mistake because we give more importance to dollars rather than human being.

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poor kids, poor kid pictures, rich people are dumb, rich are looking at poor kid picture
This picture is about a kid who is setting outside and the rich are looking at a poor’s kid painted picture..

Painted Kid and Real kid

This picture is about a kid who is setting outside the painting showroom during a party of paints. Rich people came and they their fake show inside but no one cares for outside kid. While he is almost dead because of food shortage in his life.


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