US President:Donald Trump Surprising Pictures That You Have Never Seen Before…. Part Two

Donald Trump Top Five Viral Pictures On Social Media Which Shouted Out The World Because Of US Power

US President Donald Trump meets with Bipartisan members of the senate on immigration in the cabinet room on Jan. 09-2018. (This picture was taken by New York Time)

US President Donald Trump visited immigration office for immigrating people problems in USA and how to handle and control them with positive effects in US. I could see Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer lingering as he stood up, and I took this photo as the President came into the frame to greet him. Schumer was wagging his finger at the President, and Trump had a big grin on his face—because they’d just cut a deal to raise the debt ceiling. The photo tells you instantly what kind of negotiator Trump is.


U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump and their Daughter Ivanka Trump, picture when they were meeting Pope Francis on May-24-2017 at the vatican.

It is a well reminder for U.S. President Donald Trump Campaign and everyone have been examined Donald Trump’s each picture. This picture was too viral on social media because of Pope Fanics.


President Donald Trump at CPAC 2017

US President Donald Trump an emotional speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on 02-24-2017  on television screen,


Olivier Douliery US President Donald Trump Addressed Central Intelligent Agency in his first speech to motivate them

This picture was taken when US President was addressing CIA in his starting after becoming US President. He was travelling US different agency like CIA, FBI and many more big agencies and companies to motivate them and request them for US economy help. In the same speech, he berated the media as “the most dishonest human beings on earth,” setting a tone of animosity toward the press for the year to come.


US President Donald Trump Made a hug statement next to the empty chairs of senate minority

US President Donald Trump after becoming the US president hold a meeting on government funding in protest of a trump tweet saying he never foresee a deal. employing the news media to deliver it in a classic political spin-doctor move. But rather than showing he was working and they weren’t, it conveyed how alone he was in the moment.


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