WATCH: Black Trump Supporters Have Bold Message For Democrats; Chant “WE ARE FREE!”

On Friday, President Trump welcomed members of first Black Leaders Summit to The White House. Attendees of Thursday’s event which was sponsored by Turning Point USA met with the president in the East room and as we reported earlier this week, hundreds of young aspiring minds attended the Summit and Subsequent White House meeting.


Donald Trump Jr., HUD Director Ben Carson, conservative commentator Stacey Dash and Larry Elder were among those who spoke at a summit.

Trump Jr. was met with overwhelming enthusiasm as he took the stage as were the other speakers.




That same enthusiasm was carried throughout the entire event and at it’s conclusion.  While speaking; Trump Jr. referenced the stranglehold that the Democratic Party has kept on so many, for so long.


“This is what America is about, and you guys are on the forefront — you are the tip of the spear fighting against the stranglehold that the Democratic Party has kept, and oppressed so many people for too damn long.”

Trump Jr. tweeted a short video afterwords of the group chanting USA, USA and noted the high level of energy and passion that filled the room.  He also mentioned  how incredible the movement is, at that it deserved much more coverage the the media was willing to give it.


The video’s speak for themselves and it seems very clear by the passion associated with each and every person in the room that this movement has just begun.

The host of the event, Charlie Kirk retweeted a video posted by Turning Point USA member Candice Owens stating, “Black People do not have to be democrats.

Owens Tweet Read:

“At long last,  is launched!!! The official Black Exit from the Democrat Party. NO MORE ENSLAVED MINDS. AMERICA FIRST. Support our movement by visiting  today!!! WE ARE FREE!!!!!!!!!!”


What are your thoughts on the first ever Black Leaders Summit? Should Democrats be worried? Is this the beginning of a large scale movement? Let us know your thoughts below.


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